About Bringing Us All Together

Haircare is a sacred ritual. It involves love, care, and attention. It provides special bonding time between parents and children. This ritual gives the opportunity for quiet moments and conversations. It empowers children with the positivity and confidence they need to face everyday life and overcome it's obstacles, but for many children and parents, that confidence is lost when quality hair products aren’t created with them in mind. Still Winds is overcoming this obstacle.

Hair care starts with self care. That’s why we’ve taken the time to understand the science of hair and the specific needs of blended families. Each of our products was formulated from natural, organic ingredients to provide the nourishment, growth, and styling ability your child deserves.

If we are going to change the way that we look at hair, it has to start with the way we look at each other. Our community is rich and diverse, with a wide-range of wants and needs. We think haircare should reflect that diversity.

When it comes to your child, you want them to feel cared for and seen. We are doing our part to make that a reality for everyone. No more tears and styling frustrations. Our goal is to make caring for your child's hair feel special...just like them.